Why Athletes Need a More Supportive Mattress

There’s no doubt higher quality sleep is linked to improved mental health – in fact, multiple studies have linked poor sleep quality with a higher risk of depression and anxiety. But what about athletes and active people? How important is a solid sleep habit for those of us concerned with heavier lifts, longer runs, and better performance?

The answer is “extremely,” and it’s important that we don’t just look at how much an athlete sleeps, but how well – and this is where mattress quality enters the picture. Proper recovery is of the utmost importance for joints, bones, backs and hips that have gone through the rigors of intense workouts, and the best results won’t come from any old hunk of foam.

Now, plenty of studies have confirmed that sleep quality and length plays an essential role in performance. Tired runners in particular have been found to not only fatigue more quickly, but to misjudge how hard they were exercising. The subjects tended to think they were running closer to their maximum energy output than they actually were. Similar results were foundamong endurance cyclists. Scientists suggest that this is because poor sleep actually impairs aerobic pathways.

In fact, performance at just about everything suffers if a person is low on sleep, be it swimmingbaseball, or basketball. An English study even found that sleepy tennis players hit their balls 42 percent less frequently than their well-rested counterparts.

This is why it’s so important to select the right mattress: so that the sleep an athlete does catch is as restful as possible. WinkBeds employs the support of a spring mattress with a twist: our unique Micro Air-Springs™ that maximize airflow around your body, which may improve recovery. When a body has proper support, the spine and hips enjoy more neutral alignment and the muscles are better able to relax and focus on recovery. It also means you’re less likely to toss and turn, which means better sleep and more of it.

We combine that support with a Hyper-Soft™ foam, which is more buoyant than memory foam and softer than latex. That means it provides the same benefits of foam beds, like support along the curves and natural lines of the body, along with push-back support for optimal positioning of the spine and joints… and at costs far below industry competitors.

Remember, sleep quality and quantity don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand, and eight hours of sleep on sagging foam doesn’t confer the same benefits as eight hours on a mattress that’s both soft and supportive enough to ease tired bones and muscles without throwing them out of alignment and compromising recovery. The right choice for exercisers is a combination of springs and foam, and no one does that better than WinkBeds. Sleep on that!

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