Why a Mattress With Springs Is Better for Sex

We’re all familiar with that sound that’s synonymous with nookie: squeaking bed springs. The majority of mattresses in the US have an innerspring core, but are these any good for sex?

Both foam and innerspring mattresses have some benefits (and in the case of memory foam – major drawbacks) when it comes to sex. That’s why we built a hybrid mattress that brings out the best of both (and leaves out the worst of each).

Sex on memory foam can be a little inanimate when compared to the traditional model. Why? Because memory foam and latex are usually designed to absorb motion. This makes it easier for one partner to get out of bed without rocking the other awake, but the downside is that motion-absorbing foam doesn’t push back against bouncing bodies. Ever hear of dead bed?

Strong push back support is one of the more welcome effects of a spring mattress during amorous congress.

Another thing to think about is the mattress’ border. High quality spring beds tend to have a relatively hard perimeter that encases the springs and doesn’t collapse under pressure like some memory foam. An edge that doesn’t easily slope away under compression isn’t just a bonus when rolling around in the standard missionary position; a lot of positions need or are significantly improved by a strong and stable perimeter. (Think those that involve sitting on the edge, or have one partner standing.)

So, the best mattress for monkey business will be one that offers pushback for writhing bodies, supports weight directly on its edge, and doesn’t make too much noise; basically, a high-quality hybrid mattress with durable foam and quiet springs.

It’s exactly in that space where WinkBeds shines. Our core is comprised of two layers (read: thousands) of individually wrapped coils, a design that manages to solve the noise issue while offering the kind of support and pushback to which longtime spring mattress users are accustomed.

While the inner workings take their cue from tradition, the WinkBed’s surface is anything but typical. Layered over the top of the coils is Hyper-Soft™ foam, a supple material that cradles without leaving unwanted “body impressions” when you roll over. While a lot of foam mattresses don’t easily “bounce back,” Hyper-Soft™ foam is more buoyant than memory foam and softer than latex. That means it’s highly responsive and also supports the curves and natural lines of the body.

Finally, the entire border of a WinkBed is built using the most durable foam available. This dense perimeter is a quality of only the most durable mattresses, allowing you to sleep (or get frisky) on the edge of our bed without anything sagging. It also allows our mattress to flex and be compatible with any frame, including adjustable ones.

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I tried several bed-in-a-box brands and I am so happy I returned them. The WinkBed is a REAL mattress, exactly what I was looking for.

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