Why a Hybrid Mattress
Is the Best Choice for Side Sleepers

Side sleeper? You’re in good company. The majority of people default to this position, and there are good reasons to do so when compared to sleeping on your back: It typically helps to improve snoring and sleep apnea, and it might improve circulation to the heart, which is why a lot of doctors recommend it for moms to be.

And since the position in which we sleep affects weight distribution, ideal pillow type, and which earplugs the noise sensitive should buy, it begs the question: Is there a perfect mattress for side sleepers?

It’s a tricky question. For side sleepers, sleeping on a hard surface is a one-way ticket to a squished arm — and since this group is at a higher risk of chronic shoulder pain, that’s a serious concern. So too firm will be uncomfortable and restrictive. But a mattress that’s too soft will cause the body to sink, which could cause the spine to misalign and create pressure on the hips, shoulders, and neck.

Taking all these needs into account requires a combination of stability, softness, and support that’s hard to come by in a standard spring mattress. And mattresses made of squishy memory foam will likely wind up being overly soft, where the body sinks too much and curves the spine. Side sleepers need something in between.

The best mattress for side sleepers, then, is a hybrid mattress: one that combines the support of springs with a layer of memory foam that’s soft enough to contour to a person’s own individual anatomy, but not so much that the spine can sag downward. It’s why WinkBeds is consistently ranked among the best mattresses for side sleepers by expert reviewers.

Picking a hybrid offers the best of both worlds, with two provisions. You need to first keep in mind that a mattress is a long-term purchase, so the springs need to be of extraordinarily high quality. For this reason, it’s best to choose a brand that eschews the traditionally large, creaky steel springs for a high number (think hundreds) of smaller springs that are able to better contour a body’s individual nooks and crannies.

Second, the foam needs to be durable. Look for foam that’s optimized for pressure relief but doesn’t leave body impressions when you roll over. Accommodating this position was a big part of the inspiration behind WinkBeds, and it’s a big reason we opted for a denser foam than what a lot of competitors use.

WinkBeds has high-quality springs, incredibly durable foam, and a design that accentuates the best of both for supporting side sleepers. We’re so confident in it that we’ve offered a 101 night free trial so you see how the mattress improves your sleep, which is much more telling than a quick test at the store. That way, you’ll pay less at a lower risk to your wallet, you’ll have ample time for a test drive — and you’ll sleep easier.

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