No One Likes Sleeping Hot
Here’s Why WinkBeds Sleeps So Cool

There’s one big downside to all-foam mattresses that a lot of people don’t learn until it’s too late: they get hot. Really hot.

The reason has nothing to do with electronics and everything to do with memory foam. Those who enjoy the feel of memory foam tend to like it for the body contour.  The foam essentially molds itself to the body’s shape.

In large part, memory foam works by absorbing body heat and then softening in those areas where the heat is applied. The foam warms up, softens, and molds. Heat is what helps it soften and what allows the body to sink in just right during sleepy time… and it can cause big problems. Reviews of memory foam mattresses reliably voice the same complaint over and over: the heat retention can make them really difficult to sleep in.

Our CEO Dan Adler was fed up with sleeping hot. That’s a big part of the reason why he started WinkBeds, and that’s why our bed sleeps so cool.

There are three key components that keep our mattress cool and the first is the cover. Our bed is sheathed in TenCel fabric, a material that’s made from the eucalyptus tree. It’s more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk, and cooler than linen. Like everything else in a WinkBed, it’s specifically designed to breathe, and the superior moisture absorption makes it easy on skin: when compared to cotton, TenCel absorbs and releases moisture 50 percent more efficiently.

The second is the fact that the WinkBed contains not one, but two different kinds of foam, neither of which retain heat. The first is the Hyper-Soft™ foam, which is optimized for pressure relief and actually dissipates heat. This way, it doesn’t leave unwanted “body impressions” when you roll over, and it makes for a surface that’s more buoyant than memory foam.

Beneath the Hyper-Soft™ layer is a cooling and stabilizing gel foam, which ensures an optimal sleep temperature by drawing heat away from the body. (It also absorbs motion, which makes it a lot easier to share the bed with a restless partner.) The combination of the gel with the Hyper-Soft™ foam guarantees a comfortable temperature without compromising on body contour.

Next comes the springs. WinkBeds is a hybrid mattress that’s all about combining the contour of foam with the stability and support of springs. Our springs are particularly designed to keep the mattress sleeping cool. The top layer of springs features thousands of Micro Air-Springs™ that are individually wrapped with a light cotton mesh. These springs promote constant air circulation around the sleeper by creating a layer of space between the support core and the sleep surface for air to flow through. The result is a mattress that breathes better and prevents heat build up.

So hot sleepers, rejoice! There’s no need to compromise between creaky springs and sweaty memory foam: we’ve designed a mattress that merges the strengths of both and discards the weaknesses—without breaking a sweat.

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