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coolControl™ is a proprietary mattress base that enables you to adjust
the temperature of each side of your mattress throughout the night.
It was adapted from the same technology used to cool and heat car seats.








Each side can be controlled separately or together, so both sleepers can set their ideal sleep temperatures. coolControl™ allows you to lower the temperature of your mattress by up to 10 degrees or raise it up to 30.


The coolControl™ base utilizes a patented conduction process to condition fresh air
from the bedroom to create your desired temperature. The air is filtered through the
mattress to the surface, giving you complete control over your mattress's temperature.

Air is conditioned as it
passes through a patented
conduction process
Cool or warm air is
circulated through
the coolControl™ base
and into the mattress
Specialty foams and
micro AirSprings™
disperse the air
Fresh air is
drawn into the
coolControl™ Base

Is there any science behind the coolControl base?

Studies show that in order to fall asleep quickly and remain in a deep sleep throughout the night, our body temperature needs to drop around two degrees. During preliminary testing of the technology that powers the coolControl base, participants reported a 44% improvement in both their ability to fall asleep faster and remain asleep throughout the night.

How does the air actually flow through the WinkBeds Mattress?

To facilitate air flow, a slight modification is made to any mattress that is purchased with a coolControl base. Upon receiving your mattress and base, you will notice that four air channels are built into the bottom side of the mattress. These air channels connect with the coolControl base so that conditioned air can freely flow from the coolControl base to the top of the sleep surface and cool or warm your body. This modification does not have any effect on the mattress’ comfort level and the other components used in construction remain largely the same.

How is the coolControl base powered? Does it use a lot of electricity?

The coolControl base is powered by electricity. When you install your coolControl base, you simply plug it into the wall. The system uses less electricity than a table lamp. There are no heating coils, no freon, no liquid, and no air compressors used.

Is the coolControl base safe?

Yes! the coolControl base is totally safe. The system has undergone extensive safety testing and is FR certified in accordance with Federal regulations 16 CFR § 1632 and 1633, administered by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Does the coolControl base make any noise?

The coolControl base produces a low level white noise similar to the sound of a fan. No vibration occurs.

Does the coolControl base provide any other benefits besides temperature control?

Since the coolControl base circulates air, it causes people to not only sleep cooler or warmer, but also drier. Sweat and moisture build up is easily wicked away from the body during the night and the air circulation can repel mold and other build up.

Does the coolControl base require any maintenance?

The only maintenance that is required is periodic dusting/cleaning of air intakes on the bottom of the foundation.

Are there any limitations on the type of bed frames that can be used with a coolControl base?

In order for your coolControl base to perform optimally, the fans on the bottom of the base must be able to intake fresh air from the bedroom. We recommend that the coolControl base only be used on bed frames that utilize side rails or slats for support, and not a solid surface.

Does the coolControl base only work with mattresses from WinkBeds?

Yes, the coolControl base is only compatible with mattresses from WinkBeds.

Keep Your Cool All Night Long


Use our intuitive coolControl iOS app or the included remote to set your
ideal sleep temperature and never sleep too hot (or too cool) again.

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