Why We Didn’t Build an Easy-to-Ship
Foam Mattress

It’s not often that you’ll hear a company go out on a limb and say why they didn’t make their service cheaper or more convenient, but here it is: we didn’t want to make an easy-to-ship mattress that fits in a smaller, more portable box.

We know it’s what all the cool mattress companies are doing… and that’s why we did the opposite.

The other companies bet on the “wow” factor that comes with a queen-sized mattress emerging, tightly rolled and folded, from a box that seems to be about a third of the size. What we realized was that choosing the traditional delivery method provided us with an opportunity to build a product that’s a lot more substantial than anything else on the market.

Let us explain. When a company delivers its mattress-in-a-box, the customer probably has one of two reactions:

“It is so cool that it comes in a box that’s smaller than a mattress!”


“I feel like it shouldn’t come in a box that’s smaller than a mattress.”

Frankly, there’s reason to be concerned by a bed in a box. If a mattress can be compressed, scrunched, and folded multiple times, it has to have a big level of flexibility to it, and over time that kind of mattress will degrade a lot faster. What those small boxes gain in a “cool” factor, they lose in quality and durability. A crushable mattress won’t last as long as a sturdy bed that arrives at your door, sleep ready.

When we decided to ship a mattress in a full size box, we realized that going against the grain provided us with an opportunity to build a product that’s a lot more substantial than anything else on the market. We doubled down on quality and decided to create a complex, multilayered mattress that combines the comfort of foam and support of spring coils into one unbelievably comfortable sleep system.

There are drawbacks to focusing on substance over style. Money is one of them; a benefit of using a small box to ship a large product is that it saves the company cash. Not just because collapsible mattresses cost less to make, but also because the delivery costs are a lot lower, often around forty dollars. When the box is full size, delivery costs leap into the hundreds, but that’s a cost that WinkBeds is able to take on the chin – not pass on to the customer. That’s because the WinkBed is made in the U.S. and it’s shipped directly out of our manufacturing facility, so there are no stores or middle men to mark up the price. It’s our secret weapon.

Cheaping out just wasn’t an option for us; cutting corners and sacrificing simplicity for “what’s hip” aren’t part of our values. We take the time to get things right from the first time we speak with you. When you call us, our customer service team doesn’t have a call time they need to stick to; their job is to answer as many questions as you might have. Once the order is placed, we send it directly to our manufacturing plant where our employees start making your new bed from scratch. A little unusual? Sure, but we like the idea of your brand new bed coming “fresh out of the box,” not having sat in a warehouse for months on end.

After sliding it into its travel box, the bed leaves the factory and flies straight to your door, and just so that the whole process is as effortless as possible, our shipping partners will bring your mattress into your house for you, not leave it out on the street. The finishing touch? An unbeatable 101-night money-back guarantee, so that you can be assured that you’ve invested in a comfortable, supportive, and high quality mattress that will be with you for many years to come.

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